Helena Obeng

I am Helena Obeng.

I am a Social Worker by profession. I worked with Social Welfare for 34 years and was a Deputy Director when I was appointed the National Director of the Department of Children which is under the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection.
I have worked in;

  • Hospital Social work
  • Training staff of day Care Centres
  • headmistress of Vocational training centre
  • Regional supervisor of women and children services
  • director of Osu children’s home
  • national coordinator of the are reform intuitive ( in charge of orphanages in the country)

I love being in the presence of children and being their voice.
I went to live in Ashiyie in 2008 after I was transferred from Osu children’s home to the head office of the department of social welfare. I saw that many children lived with their families in uncompleted houses as it was a community where many people had not completed their houses. Usually those who cannot afford renting accommodation will occupy these uncompleted houses until the owner finishes and then they look for another one. I decided to bring the children from this community together and teach them how to be confident in themselves.

From October 2012 I started Ponacka Kids Club which has a current membership of 74. Every Sunday an average of 50 children come to my house where we do all kinds of things like cooking local dishes, learning, creating, playing telling stories, dancing, doing cadet, etc. We also asset those who have difficulty with some subjects in school. 2 local volunteers join us each Sunday and we spend 3 hours with the kids. I refer those who are very needy to NGO Kwame so they provide support to their families.
I also meet with a group of women who I refer to other people for micro credit to enable them have assess to money to do small scale trading. this week 8 out of the 118 women have said they are ok and do not need further credit as they have been able to obtain some money from the trading.

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